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Let Group Projects Work For You.

Collaborative chat-based software and task management software meet to form a streamlined and intuitive environment engineered to maximize performance within group work. With Coweb, not only will you work better with group projects, but group projects will work for you. Coweb repurposes peer evaluation data to craft an ever-evolving collaborative portfolio of your performance. If you are in an interview, why just say that you are a team-player when you can quantitatively prove it?


Coweb is proud to soon offer a service for students, by students; after all—Coweb was founded in 2017 as a group project for the Business Scholars program at the University of Utah! Through early development and prototyping, Coweb has already shown promise in optimizing something that is often looked down upon—the group project—and making it as user-friendly and transparent as possible. But don’t take our word for it: out of the 86 teams at the 2018 Business Scholars Innovation Showcase, Coweb won “Best Prototype,” one of the top four honors.

Rethink the Group Project.

With Coweb, you can streamline your workflows, distribute work and set goals, or even synchronize your calendars for a convenient meeting time.

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